Saturday March 28th, 2020 Update

The “stay at home” orders that have been imposed on people worldwide have caused a dramatic increase in online activity. The speed and reliability of the global internet has been negatively impacted. The Church is not immune to that, and we sometimes struggle to reliably deliver our live video streams. You might experience poor picture quality, or the broadcast might completely stop. If the problem is on our end, we usually know about it and will be working to get the stream back online. Otherwise, the problem might be on your end, or it could be anywhere in the world between Little Rock and your house. Such is the nature of a global network.

If you watching one of our live streams and it becomes unreliable or stops altogether, try refreshing the webpage (pressing the F5 key usually does it), restart your web browser, or restart your computer, phone, or tablet.

If you are unable to watch the live stream, check the website later in the day ( The pre-recorded service will be available, usually by mid-afternoon. Worship Services are also available on DVD. Just contact the Pastor or any member of the Tech Team to get yours. There is no charge for the DVD’s, but a small donation would be appreciated. The Wednesday Bible Study lessons are also available via podcast. The podcasts are posted on, Breaker, Google Podcast, Radio Republic, and Spotify.

Thursday, March 19th, 2020 Update

As concerns surrounding the Coronavirus continue to rise with new reports being issued multiple times a day, know that we have been prayerfully considering all recommendations from the CDC, local health officials, and the Governor. Our leadership team has concluded that it will be in the best interest of our church and community to offer our 10:00AM Sunday services online-only until further notice. The service will be recorded for later viewing at your convenience. Adult Bible Study will also be live-streamed each Wednesday as well as be available for later playback and review. Sunday School is cancelled until further notice.

In addition to viewing our streams from this website, we will also provide viewing links from our Facebook and Twitter pages.

We encourage you to continue reaching out to one another. Social distancing does not have to mean social isolation. Phone a friend, email someone in your Sunday school class, post a picture on social media, or send a text to fellow church member. Whatever you do, stay connected!

COVID-19 has impacted each of our lives in a variety of ways. As we continue to pray, may we use this unanticipated pause in our lives for prayer, reflection, and discernment. May God help us to shine the light of Christ in a wounded, fearful world.

Tuesday, March 17th, 2020 Update

We feel a tremendous responsibility to protect the health and safety of the individuals and families within our community. In light of the increasing concerns about COVID-19 and based on the recommendations of government officials and agencies, we are practicing faith and prudence over fear by making the following changes:

Sunday School, Choir practice, and meetings will continue as scheduled.

Sunday Morning services will be on regular schedule until further notice with the following recommendations:

  • Please do not attend any service if you are sick or recently sick
  • (including but not limited to fever, cough, sneezing, etc). You may view Sunday services at Our past services are also available.
  • Use hand sanitizer (we will have sanitizer available).
  • Allow space in your pew between you and the next person.
  • If the sanctuary begins to fill, people arriving later will be asked to sit in the side rooms or Heritage Hall.
  • Do not shake hands, fist bump, elbow bump, or hug until further notice. We encourage everyone to fellowship, but avoid direct contact when possible.
  • The Choir will remain in the choir loft after the anthem or exit to the side rooms.
  • The offering will be received at the door instead of being passed from person to person.
  • Please continue to financially support our ministries with your tithes and offerings even when when you’re unable to attend. You can give upon your return to church, use the PayPal option on the church webpage, leave your contribution in the prayer box in front of the Church, or send it via mail.

The Coronavirus situation ever-evolving. The leadership of Little Rock OFWB Church will stay informed, proactive, prayerful, and calm throughout this situation. We will prayerfully revise plans as needed. God is in control of all things. Our hope is in Him, and we will continue to serve our community with the hope of the Gospel.