Little Rock OFWB Church was organized May 15, 1871 by Elder Daniel Davis, Elder Joseph Sauls, and Deacon Jesse Rose. Elder Davis became the church’s first pastor.

The name “Little Rock” was derived from the location where baptism services were held for the Church and other community churches. The baptismal site is on Davis Creek just south of the current church building on Little Rock Church Road. The candidates would step down off of a little rock into a pool in front of bigger rocks. Thus, the name of the church reflects the original baptismal place for new believers.

The first meeting was held at the Elias Barnes Schoolhouse. The church’s meetings were held in the old schoolhouse until 1884. In 1884, a church building was built and used until the congregation outgrew the building. In 1901, a building committee was appointed and in 1903-04 the present sanctuary was constructed.

“Uncle” Larry Lucas donated the original plot of land for the church. Over the years, the church has expanded by purchasing adjacent property.

In 1927, six Sunday school rooms were added as well as a choir loft. These Sunday school rooms were the first to be added to an Original Free Will Baptist church in the entire state. In 1954, a baptistry was donated by Braxton Jones and built in behind the choir loft, thus ending the trips to the creek.

In 1956, a parsonage was built on Blalock Road on land donated by Rev. Dr. James A. Evans, a “son” of this church who became a leading minister in the OFWB denomination. Also in 1956, the need for more Sunday school rooms was addressed by the construction of the Educational Building. That building is now used as administrative space.

In 1976, a new fellowship building was built and named Heritage Hall as the church was called upon to remember it’s rich heritage.

In 1998, a narthex was added to the front of the sanctuary building.

In 2003, years of hard work and planning came together with the dedication of the Christian Education Center. This building includes Sunday school rooms, a youth activity room, nursery, and a choir practice room.

The continuing growth of Little Rock OFWB Church has been because of the blessings of the Holy Spirit upon this congregation as the church continues into its 150th year of faithfully presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ to this community. We are excited about the future blessings and challenges God has for His church gathered at Little Rock.