Our Local Ministries

REFLECT Youth Ministry

Technology Team

Van Ministry

Woman’s Auxiliaries

  • Trinity Circle
  • Circle – 4 -Christ
  • Hope Circle

Benevolence Committee

Community Outreach Team

Music Ministry

  • Chancel Choir

Christian Education

Prayer Partners

  • 7pm Every Tuesday

Lunch Bunch

  • 11:30am First Wednesday

Denominational Ministries

Children’s Home – http://www.fwbchildrenshome.org

Christian Education Ministry – http://www.ofwbsundayschool.org

Church Finance Association – no working link available

Convention of Original Free Will Baptist Churches – http://www.ofwb.org

Cragmont Assembly – http://cragmontassembly.com/wp

Foreign Missions – http://www.ofwbi.org

Home Missions and Evangelism – no working link available

Minister’s Program – http://www.fwbmp.org

OFWB Youth Convention – http://ofwbyouthconvention.weebly.com/

Press Foundation – http://www.fwbpress.com

Retirement Homes – http://www.ofwbretirementhomes.org

University of Mount Olive – https://www.umo.edu