Holy Week Is Upon Us!

Scheming.  Betrayal.  Death.  It has a little bit of everything doesn’t it?  No, I’m not speaking of a popular television drama.  I’m thinking of “Holy Week”.  In the days to come, we will enter the week which remembers the tragic events associated with the defining story of our faith.  It’s interesting how a week filled with so many plot twists and horrific deeds can be identified with anything holy.  However, we realize this week to be the pinnacle of Jesus’ work in and for the sake of our world.  While those who pretended to be “holy” mocked and mistreated Jesus, the wheels of redemption were in motion.  God was at work in the midst of the darkness preparing a way by which our lives might return to holiness.  Between Palm Sunday and Easter, we will reflect upon those events through which God expressed God’s great love toward humanity.  We will do so individually as well as corporately with other faith communities in Lucama.  It’s my hope that you will consider being a part of this communal season of remembrance and invite others to share in the journey through Jesus’ death, burial, and glorious resurrection.  The Community Ash Wednesday Service in February set the tone for this Lenten season and, if that service is any indication of what God has in store for Holy Week, I greatly anticipate how God might move in these services as well.  Here is a schedule of the upcoming services:

April 6: “Maundy Thursday” at Lamm’s Grove P.H. (Speaker: Kelley/Music: Lucama Methodist) 7:00

April 7: “Good Friday” at Lucama Methodist (Speaker: Tony Hawley/Music: Little Rock) 7:00

April 9: “Easter Sonrise” at Little Rock (Speaker: Joe Stallings/Music: Lamm’s Grove P.H.) 6:30

New Bible Study Series

It’s known to many as his “Letter of Joy.”  With themes such as contentment, endurance, and prayer woven throughout its four chapters, it can be easy to forget where Paul was when he composed his epistle to the Philippians.  He was in prison, but the words read like those of a man who was completely free to go about and do as he saw fit.  Rather than wallowing in self-pity, Paul sought to offer encouragement to others in order that they might stay the course and remain faithful to their own callings.  Upon the completion of our current study of Acts, the “Solid Rock” (new name) study group will begin a journey through Philippians.  At the present-time, Bible study takes place on Wednesday mornings at 10:00, but this summer will shift to Tuesdays at 10:00.  More information will be provided about this in the coming weeks.

Change for the Children

Although May is still a month away, I wish to encourage you to begin collecting your spare change.  Each year, the Original Free Will Baptist (OFWB) Convention designates May as “OFWB Children’s Home Month.”  With that being said, the Children’s Home will once again be sponsoring their annual “Change for the Children” campaign which encourages church members to collect spare change throughout the month.  At the end of April, you will be supplied with a plastic bag in your Sunday bulletin for your change collection.  In the event that you do not wish to collect change, donations through cash or check are also greatly appreciated.  Since 1920, this ministry has been transforming young people’s lives by providing them with a place for love, nurture, safety, and faith development.  Let’s be generous as we show our support for the future of these children and youth.

Together in Resurrection Hope,

The Reverend Kelley Smart